How can I order a piece of jewelry from you?

  • Visit our online store and decide on the item that you like.
  • Place your order.
  • You will receive an email with your invoice, order number, our mailing address and instructions on where and how to send your breastmilk and/or inclusions to us.
  • Mail your breastmilk and/or inclusions to us as requested at your own cost.
  • You will receive an updated email when your package arrives.
  • When your order is completed, we will send you a shipping notice email to you. 

    - Before placing your order, please read all the other pages on our website so that there are no misunderstandings.

    Where are you located?

    We are located in Richmond Hill, Canada.

    What is your turn-around time?

    Our ring settings are 100% hand-cast, the natural stones, diamonds are hand-set by our goldsmith and the breast milk stones are also hand made by us. We take the time to ensure the finished products meet every customer’s requests with the best quality. We complete our order at first come, first serve bases. Our turn-around time depends on what item(s) you order. If it is a regular item. the turn-around time is about 3-4 week after receiving your breastmilk.


    For Dina ring, solid gold pieces and special orders, the turn-around time is 8-10 weeks.

    During holiday/busy season, like Mother's Day, World Breastfeeding Week, Black Friday and Christmas, it will take us a bit longer to fulfil your order.

    How is your breastmilk jewelry made?

    For your breastmilk jewelry, we use special tools and technics to take out all the bubbles off your breastmilk first. We mix your breastmilk, our special developed curing agent (to ensure your jewelry does not turn yellow) and high-quality epoxy resin with UV protective formula. Once they are fully mixed, we poured it into the mold of your design to solidate it. We put a high-grade sealing layer over the stone to protect your jewelry from scratches and shines for a long time. Finally, we fit the stones into our individually made jewelry settings.

    How much breast milk do you need for one of your designs?

    Milk: For one 10mm stone, 15ml is enough, but please send us 30ml (about 1 oz, sufficient for 2-3 pieces of jewelry). 

    How do I ship my breastmilk to you?

    Once you place your order, we will send you an email with our address and detailed instructions on where and how ship your breast milk. Please see our page on HOW TO: Sending Breast Milk/Inclusions.

    Can I have jewelry made without breastmilk?

    Yes, all our jewelry can be made without breastmilk. There are options for you to  choose when you place your order. The jewelry can be white or in a different color of your choice or remain transparent.

    Does your breast milk jewelry change color over time?

    Our breast milk jewelry are made to last a lifetime with proper care for your pieces. The breastmilk curing agent we use is our exclusive recipe. It can prevent your breastmilk jewelry from turning yellow, forming bubbles, or clotting that affect your jewelry’s appearance.

    How do you organize your breastmilk? Am I getting a piece of jewelry that is from my own milk!

    Yes, we are very organized and make every effort to separate every customer’s breastmilk. Linda was a medical doctor by training. We know the importance of keeping things sorted properly!

    1. First we have spreadsheets to track every order.
    2. As soon as we receive your breastmilk we store it in a sterile container which is marked with your name, order number. During every step of making your breastmilk jewelry, we label all utensils we use with your name and your order number to track our orders.

    So far, we have not had anyone complained us mix their breastmilk.

    Can you use breastmilk that has been frozen for several years?

    Yes, we can still make breastmilk jewelry from breastmilk that has been frozen for years as long as you thaw it before shipping to us. Breastmilk travels beautifully in airtight packaging for weeks. However, if you are concerned that your milk might get bad before reaching us, you can add 0.1g of potassium sorbate or sodium benzoate to it.

    What happens to the leftover milk after the jewelry is made?

    We save your leftover breastmilk for 3 years!  If you’d like to order again, you won't need to worry about shipping your milk to us! Just make a note and let us know your previous order number or contact us to check on the status of your milk at jewelrymemories8@gmail.com.

    What inclusions can be added to the jewelry?

    In general, we can accommodate breast milk, lock of hair, dehydrated placenta powder, umbilical cord powder, sand, fabric, dried flowers (from the bridal bouquet, for example) and much more.  Check with each piece to see if your inclusion is available for that item. If you have a request for an inclusion that isn't listed, email us and we will try to work it out!

    How do I know what size ring to purchase?

    We use US ring size chart. The best way is to go to a local jewelry store and ask a professional jeweller to help you get sized! Click THIS link to watch a how to video on YouTube.

    Our silver rings are available in full sizes and our solid gold rings are available in whole, half and quarter sizes from size 4-14 (US).

    We don not recommend resizing your breast milk ring since the breast milk stone will not be able to withstand intense heat.

    Can you do custom orders according to my design idea or existing design?

    Yes, custom orders are welcome. All our silver jewelry can be made with solid gold. Please check with our Custom Order session. For questions, please email: jewelrymemories8@gmail.com.

    Will my jewelry look exactly like the one on the website?

    Every piece of our breastmilk jewelry is handcrafted with love. We try our very best to maintain the highest standards of crafting. However, it may show variability and minor imperfections. Please note that no two pieces will be identical because colors and natures of all materials vary from person to person. Your piece will not look like the next person's, nor will it look like the photos on our website (which all differ too). If this is something that may be of concern please let us know before place your order as handmade jewelry are not mass-produced and does not like store bought and factory finished pieces.

    Can I make a change to my order once my order is placed?

    We can only accommodate order changes for no fee up to 3 days after the order is placed. For details, please check our: Exchange, Return And Refund Policy.

    Do you take international orders?

    Yes, we ship worldwide. For US and Canadian customers, shipping is free. For other countries, the standard shipping and  handling fee is: $14.25. 

    Important: Customs and import taxes

    Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. We are not responsible for delays due to customs.

    Please check our HOW TO: Sending Breast Milk/Inclusions.

    How do I take care of my precious breastmilk jewelry?

    1. When not wearing, put it inside a soft cloth pocket or fabric swath if it is silver with gold plated.
    2. Rub your Jewelry with polishing cloth to bring back the shine.
    3. Keep away from chemicals, sweat, bath, strong sunlight, chlorine, soap, crash to avoid any damage.

    Take really good care of your jewelry will extend its life! We DO understand that most mothers have a lots of chores requiring touching water daily and it is completely inconvenient to remove their rings many times per day. If you want a piece that you would want to wear daily, we would recommend you to order a necklace or earrings for that reason. If you notice tarnish or discoloration on your jewelry (this can happen with silver and gold fill jewelry and is normal), you can polish it with a soft cloth, or apply a dab of white toothpaste (not gel) to tarnished silver setting and rub very gently with your finger or a soft cloth. Then, rinse well with warm water and buff to a shine with a soft cloth. Please be extra, extra, careful to avoid touching the stone!

    We offer services for reglazing, cleaning etc for a fee, this is determined by how old the piece is, how its cared for and how often it is worn. We determine this in a case by case manor.

    **Jewelry Memories is not responsible for any damage or loss occurring to your jewelry as a result of improper care and maintenance.

    Please note that the gold / rose gold plating does not last forever even if we put extra layers of gold plating! How quickly it wears out depends on how often and how long you wear them. For everyday wear, we recommend silver jewelry or 10k/ 14k/18k gold!

    Do you offer gift certificates?

    Yes, we offer gift certificate. Please place the order for Gift Card. Once you place the order, we will send you an email with a special code for that dollar amount within one day or two.  Your recipient can purchase any items at our store, including sale items simply applying the code as "promo codes" during check-out. Please note that gift certificates are subject to our store return policy, and will not expire.

    For questions, please email: jewelrymemories8@gmail.com

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