A mother is no less than a superwoman who will do whatever it takes to give the best to her child. And the first time you are going to realize this will be the moment when you will breastfeed your bundle of joy.

Becoming a mother is like being a one-go-to-child's provider and protector in each and every aspect. Taking a cue from the above said, there's no doubt why breastfeeding is one among millions and gazillions of gestures that a mother strives for, to give the best TLC to her child.

So if you know any woman who has just stepped on the role of a mother, take a moment to show appreciation for what she is doing! Wondering how? Then, there's no better way to celebrate motherhood and capture her contribution to life than gifting a perfect breast milk jewelry kit.

Before you begin your hunt for ideal breastmilk jewelry, it'd be wise to get some food for thought that might help you make the right choice. So, without wasting any time? Let's get started. All you have to do is give this post a thorough read to dig in answers for your queries.

What is Breast Milk Jewelry?

Breast milk jewelry is a unique jewelry piece that carries an accent stone, fashioned or filled with breast milk. This concept is not completely new or unheard of and has been there for some while. However, it has gained a surge of popularity owing to the current rising buzz around it. The added benefit is that you can easily shop for a classic breastmilk jewel online!

Why Makes Breast Milk Jewelry as the Best Gift for Mothers & Would-Be Mothers?

Childbirth, breastfeeding, and child-rearing are among the most important milestones in a guardian, especially a mother's life. Capturing the beauty of a mother and child bond is one of the best ways to show love, gratitude, and appreciation for the contribution that will stay unrivaled. Undoubtedly, ladies, including both mothers and would-be mothers, are surely going to love and cherish this jewel. Not to forget: The meaning and importance that will come with the breastmilk jewelry would be second to none.

How is Breast Milk Preserved to Make a Jewelry?

If the mere mention of breastmilk jewelry appears oh so fascinating, then hold your breath as we will take you through the details of its beautiful creation. Jewelry artists tap on the best techniques of fashioning jewelry with breast milk. Although, the basic method of preserving the milk may be more or less similar. Here is how it is done:

  • Firstly, the breast milk is stored in a zip lock pouch or container and transported to the jewelry artist.
  • The milk is mixed with chemicals that further the milk hardening or plasticizing process.
  • Lastly, the milk is mixed with resin, which can shape the jewelry as desired.

How is Breast Milk Jewelry Made?

Whether it is a breast milk necklace or diamond oval ring that you want to have, let's take a look at how it is done:

  • Usually, an ounce of breast milk is needed to make a jewel piece.
  • The milk undergoes a process of heating and cooling with chemicals used for preserving the milk.
  • These processes help the milk to solidify so that it can be used to make breast milk necklaces, rings, earrings, etc.

Breast Milk Jewelry Precautions

Here's a list of precautions that you must follow, especially if you want to keep the jewelry in as-is condition:

  • Keep the jewelry away from direct sunlight; skipping this step may lead to discoloration.
  • Avoid wearing the jewelry in a sauna or during high-intensity sports, as excessive sweating may ruin the stone's luster.
  • Keep the jewelry at a distance from perfumes, oils, creams, hair sprays, or other such types of chemical substances.
  • Use very mild cleaners and a soft cloth to clean the jewelry. Additionally, make sure you keep the jewelry at a distance from sharp-edged objects.

How to Maintain Breast Milk Jewelry Properly?

When you decide on getting unique and exclusive as breast milk jewelry, you must take the best possible care to the ornament. Here are some simple ways of maintaining the jewelry properly:

  • Make sure you keep the jewelry away from any kind of smoke exposure, as prolonged exposure may even discolor the resin stone.
  • Chemical exposure can also harm the jewel piece more than any good. Therefore, take care of your jewelry, especially from any harsh chemicals.
  • Though when mixed with resin, breast milk becomes hard and sturdy, this is why it is important to take extreme care during the process of carving out a jewel out of it.

Can I Wear Breast Milk Jewelry While Bathing?

It is usually advised that one should not wear breast milk jewelry while bathing as it may get damaged or tarnished! This is mainly because it is very difficult to obtain a perfect seal while making this kind of jewelry and water exposure may tamper its composition. However, occasional, short-term exposure, including sweating, rain, humidity, etc., may not spoil the jewel piece.

Does Breast Milk Jewelry Smell?

When made using the correct preservation procedure, breast milk jewelry won't give out a foul smell. However, if the process is not done properly- there is a high chance of rotting, discoloration, and bacterial growth, which can make your jewelry stink.

What Does Breast Milk Jewelry Look Like?

When we talk about the appearance of breast milk jewelry, it is quite similar to opal or a creamy-white stone. However, the color of the jewelry may change with time or it might be different as (some women may have yellower milk) or any shimmer or glitter that the jeweler may add to it.

Final Thoughts

Breast milk jewelry stays as a beautiful memory for a mother and child to turn the pages back and look at how it started. This jewel piece is different from the rest of the pieces of jewelry. And it lays out a deeper meaning for mothers, acting as an adornment and a reminder- bold lining a moment forever!

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